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We help SaaS startups scale with content marketing and growth.
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Content Marketing & SEO

We talk to your team and customers to build a content marketing & SEO strategy that drives conversions, not traffic.

We work with everyone – from small one-person marketing teams at seed startups to larger teams at Series B companies.

Marketing Execution

Are you a founder or marketing leader who can't make a full-time hire but need execution support?

We bring a decade of expertise in growth & marketing at startups to help you find your big growth levers.

Who You'll Work With

Talal Syed

Over the last 11 years, Talal has helped multiple SaaS startups scale with content marketing & SEO and led growth at companies like On Deck.

Some wins: 

– Built growth function from scratch & doubled ARR at a YC startup in 9 months.
– Drove millions in revenue at On Deck & worked on key launches like ODX, a YC competitor that got 20k applications & 360 investments in 6 months.
– Grew a media company from 1 to 17 million pageviews per month and increased revenue by 11x.


What our clients say

I worked with Talal to set up systems for tracking and analyzing marketing metrics that helped us make the launch of ODX a success.

He moves fast – shipping MVPs, getting feedback, and iterating on a timeline.

He's an excellent communicator and was key in managing the relationship between our marketing and data teams.

Overall, his character and skills were invaluable in navigating a daunting, uncertain and often times messy environment. I'm glad to have worked with him!

Abhishek Anirhudan

Talal is in the top percentile of people I've worked with and would recommend him in a heartbeat.

He took over marketing for ODX and founder-focused programs and led key launches like ODX Flexport, ODF Advance, and ODX India.

He also built the systems for Q&As (one of On Deck's most effective marketing tactics), and much more.

His best quality is his ability to deliver high-quality work in all areas – he's a strong writer, a deep systems thinker, and a thoughtful executioner.

Gonz Sanchez
oN dECK, seedtable

I worked with Talal in a few different capacities while I ran the media desk at On Deck, which worked with our high-touch alums.

With utmost sincerity, he is one of the best marketing operators I have ever had the pleasure of working with. He is the consummate professional: elegant in his thinking, a practitioner of rich feedback, agile, outcome-driven, unfailingly kind, and laser-focused.

I am envious of the next team that gets to work with him.

Natalie Toren
turpentine media

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