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We've helped dozens of tech companies find elite talent, extend their recruitment teams, and improve their hiring process.

Outsourced Recruitment Team

Outsource your recruiting team or extend it temporarily. We have talent leaders and talent executives to help you strategize, plan, and execute on hiring goals.

Fractional Head of Talent

We embed a seasoned talent leader to fix your recruitment process and manage your existing team. Along with additional duties such as head count planning, forecasting, and attrition analysis.

Candidate List Generation

Need to fill a priority role? We calibrate and help you fill your pipeline with qualified candidates so you can focus on interviews.


Talent and Hiring Audits

Whether you need a sanity check on your recruitment process or need to optimize your resume, we can help.

Hiring Process Audit

We help you improve your hiring process and get it ready for scale – whether you're revamping it or setting it up from scratch.

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Job Description Audit

We'll audit your job description and provide recommendations for improvement so you can attract exceptional candidates.

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Resume Audit

We'll go through your resume in detail & break down and redo the parts that need improvement so you can land more interviews.

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What our clients say

“Ritchie was instrumental in developing the necessary infrastructure for us to run an effective recruiting process. I come from Amazon where I interviewed close to 700 people for our team over four years, worked with dozens of recruiters and eventually was a bar raiser. Even then I knew that I would need outside support for recruiting some of our early technical hires into my current startup. Ritchie is easily in the top 5% of recruiters I've worked with. Highly recommended.”

Jim Meyerle
prufrock ventures

“I worked with Ritchie at Houzz to grow a new remote office in Los Angeles. Ritchie has a great energy and enthusiasm. He keeps things moving and builds good relationships with candidates. Above all else, he approaches every case thoughtfully and he's a creative thinker who never relies on only the standard process.He was a fundamental partner in the success of our new remote office in every way.”

Brett Hobbs

“I worked with Ritchie and he is a fantastic strategist and recruiting advisor. I was very impressed with his level of delivery and quality of delivery. Ritchie is also very knowledgeable on the job market and stays in tune with the trend across multiple industries. He is a great talent advisor and advocate. I highly recommend Ritchie for future endeavors and partnerships. Would love to partner with him again in the future.”

Yolanda Arrey

"Ritchie and CSVNow have been wonderful partners to me and the CloudTrucks team. They helped us scale up our tech recruiting efforts and close a number of important roles across the team. In particular I appreciate Ritchie’s ability to build relationships and craft a plan for each candidate. I learned a lot from working with Ritchie and the CSVNow team and I highly recommend them for your tech recruiting needs."

George Ezenna

“I had the pleasure to work with Ritchie to help build out the Security team at Mixpanel. He understands the market and the type of candidates that we required and was able to build a rapport with those being considered for the role. He has the ability to quickly source the correct people, get them in front of the hiring team and keep the process moving along which allowed us to expediently close on high quality candidates.“

Thomas Clark

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