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Ritchie Tendencia

Founder & C.E.O of CSV Now + CSV Now Philippines
Talent Acquisition Leader + Business Process Outsourcing -
With a decade in talent acquisition, Ritchie has driven hiring initiatives at AppDynamics during Cisco's $3.7B acqusition, Facebook, Houzz, and led recruiting for Mixpanel's pre-IPO surge. He now leads a consultancy that helps emerging tech companies scale their workforce. He also served as an advisor for Toronto-based startup Shippie through a successful acquisition.

Bill McLaughlin  

Senior Advisor BPO Solutions - LinkedIn
Bill has been a leader in the onshore and offshore BPO industry for decades culminating in the founding of his own contact center PacificHub Corporation, growing and expanding the business to over 800 professionals before a successful exit.Bill has an extensive background in Telecommunications, Financial Services, Healthcare and SaaS industry segments. He's worked with brands such as United Healthcare, Kern Health Systems, Dell, Bank of America, American Express Travel, and Yellow Pages.  

Talal Syed

Growth Marketing Leader - LinkedIn
Talal is a growth marketer who has helped startups grow with content and SEO for over a decade. He's helped multiple SaaS and VC-backed startups with content marketing & SEO, and previously led growth at companies like Stable (YC W20) and On Deck.


What our clients say

“Ritchie was instrumental in developing the necessary infrastructure for us to run an effective recruiting process. I come from Amazon where I interviewed close to 700 people for our team over four years, worked with dozens of recruiters and eventually was a bar raiser. Even then I knew that I would need outside support for recruiting some of our early technical hires into my current startup. Ritchie is easily in the top 5% of recruiters I've worked with. Highly recommended.”

Jim Meyerle
prufrock ventures

“I worked with Ritchie at Houzz to grow a new remote office in Los Angeles. Ritchie has a great energy and enthusiasm. He keeps things moving and builds good relationships with candidates. Above all else, he approaches every case thoughtfully and he's a creative thinker who never relies on only the standard process.He was a fundamental partner in the success of our new remote office in every way.”

Brett hobbs

I worked with Talal in a few different capacities while I ran the media desk at On Deck, which worked with our high-touch alums.

With utmost sincerity, he is one of the best marketing operators I have ever had the pleasure of working with. He is the consummate professional: elegant in his thinking, a practitioner of rich feedback, agile, outcome-driven, unfailingly kind, and laser-focused.

I am envious of the next team that gets to work with him.

Natalie Toren
turpentine media

Talal is in the top percentile of people I've worked with and would recommend him in a heartbeat.

He took over marketing for ODX and founder-focused programs and led key launches like ODX Flexport, ODF Advance, and ODX India.

He also built the systems for Q&As (one of On Deck's most effective marketing tactics), and much more.

His best quality is his ability to deliver high-quality work in all areas – he's a strong writer, a deep systems thinker, and a thoughtful executioner.

Gonz Sanchez
oN dECK, seedtable

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